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Solving n-Queens using Bitwise Operators

N-queens is a classic algorithm problem that can be solved with a bunch different implementations (with varying degrees of efficiency). In case you’ve never heard of the n-queens problem before, the question we are trying to answer is: Given a chessboard of size nxn, how many ways can we position n queens so that they are all unable to attack each other? Here, I’m going to describe my solution to this problem using bitwise operations. Bitwise operators act
- Solving n-Queens using Bitwise Operators

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Binary Search Tree

Like other trees (well, not leafy ones), a binary search tree is a data structure made up of nodes that contain a value and references to child nodes. Unlike more basic tree structures, there are two characteristics of a binary search tree that make it uniquely useful for storing and searching data: (1) each node can have a maximum of two children - hence, binary search tree, and (2) of these two children, the left child has a value less
- Binary Search Tree

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